Theda is an independent music artist from Long Island, NY. Theda’s style falls within alternative rock, electropop and indiepop. Her rich, smoky vocals, and her blend of rock and soul, often lead to comparisons with Lana Del Ray, Lorde, and Florence Welch.

Born November 11, 1989 to Michael and June Fusco, she is the eldest of three children. As a young child, Theda showed natural musical talent, and she entered talent shows at her family’s encouragement. Believing in her daughter’s potential, June invested in a singing coach for the majority of Theda’s childhood, allowing Theda to build on her innate talent, serving to deepen her love of music. Musical talent was not foreign to the Fusco family. Theda’s father was one of Long Island’s top bassists; as children, Theda and her brother Robert would perform with their father in the basement of their home, where they’d receive lessons on sound and performance. From listening to Led Zeppelin records on vinyl, to playing instruments with her father, Theda learned so much. She went on to study the violin and voice throughout grade school, and achieved dominance in the New York State Music Association (NYSMA). Theda pursued her talents in a broader setting throughout high school, performing in school plays and open mic nights, building a reputation of unmatched talent, locally.


After graduating in 2007, Theda chose to pursue a career in acting. She attended Long Island University for two semesters, majoring in theatre, before being accepted into the Stella Alder Acting Conservatory in New York City. After completing a two-year program at the Conservatory, Theda moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. While that experience was an enriching one, the most notable part for Theda was a true embrace of her passion for writing and performing music, which she discovered was primary over her love of acting. She moved back to her New York roots, where she began recording her first EP.


It was during this chapter of her career when Theda found herself. Debuting her first EP, Heavy Hitter, Theda saw her fan base grow. Her first release would be reviewed as a soul-felt, deep EP, proving her strength not only as a musician, but an artist with a voice that speaks to all sorts of people. Heavy Hitter is a raw, vulnerable release, filled with inspiration from Theda’s real life experiences. As well as focusing on her solo career, Theda never forgot her roots and continues to perform with her father’s band, Second Shift, on exclusive nights at Stephens Talk House in Amaganssett, NY.


Theda is excited to share her life lessons as well as more of her personal story in her upcoming full-length album, to be released in 2017. For now, you can find Heavy Hitter on all social media outlets, and reach out to Theda on her Facebook page,